What to Look for When Buying Genuine Used Tesla Parts?

Genuine Used Tesla Parts?

Tesla advises opting for authentic Tesla parts and accessories. Thorough testing is conducted on these components to guarantee their appropriateness, safety, and dependability. Tesla advises checking the labels on the center door pillar to obtain information about authentic replacement parts. You can acquire these parts directly from Tesla, where they will be skillfully installed, and you can seek expert advice regarding any modifications.

Authentication Factor for Genuine Used Tesla Parts

When investing in authentic Tesla components, consider the following factors:

  • Part Number: Verify that the part number matches the defective component.
  • Tesla Parts Manual: If you have access to the Tesla parts manual, you can reference it to find the part number and place an order through the app.
  • Warranty Status: Confirm the warranty status and vehicle title.
  • Battery Health: Evaluate the battery’s health and any signs of degradation.
  • Accident History: Scrutinize the vehicle’s accident history.
  • Paperwork: Thoroughly review the paperwork to ensure the seller is the rightful owner and there are no outstanding financial claims on the car.
  • Service Documentation: Before the seller disconnects the vehicle from their Tesla account, kindly request PDF copies of the service records.
  • Accident Overview: Examine the vehicle’s history for any past accidents or damages by consulting Carfax and Autocheck.

Component Quality

Tesla subjects its parts to stringent testing protocols, guaranteeing their appropriateness, safety, and dependability. Despite this, some individuals may opt for repairing components instead of replacing them, or resort to incorporating second-hand panels. Examine both sides closely for any discernible ripples.

Exclusive Use of Authentic Tesla Components:

Opt for only genuine Tesla parts and accessories. Tesla conducts thorough testing on these components, ensuring their appropriateness, safety, and reliability. Acquire these parts directly from Tesla, where they are expertly installed, and benefit from professional guidance on modifications for any Model. You can find accessories for purchase at Tesla stores or online through [https://www.basicautopart.com/used-tesla-parts/].

Non-Tesla Parts Disclaimer:

It’s important to note that Tesla cannot evaluate parts produced by other distributors. Consequently, Tesla bears no responsibility for any issues that may arise from the use of non-Tesla parts on any Model.


The installation of non-approved parts and accessories, or engaging in non-approved modifications, has the potential to impact the performance of Model S and compromise the safety of those within. Any resulting damage from the use or installation of non-approved parts, or undertaking non-approved modifications, falls outside the coverage of the warranty.

Liability Disclaimer:

Tesla Inc. explicitly disclaims liability for instances of death, personal injury, or damage arising from the use or installation of non-approved accessories or the implementation of non-approved modifications. Safety and adherence to approved guidelines are paramount considerations.

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