What are Accelerator Parts?

What are Accelerator Parts

The Accelerator Parts are components in a vehicle that contribute to its acceleration. Key Accelerator parts include Hydraulic Sensors, Position and Draft Levers, Brake Pedal Springs, Accelerator Pedals, and Steering Wheels. In a car, three controls can change its velocity – the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel. The accelerator parts play a major role in regulating the velocity of the vehicle. If your vehicle’s Accelerator Parts aren’t functioning optimally and you require replacements, then Basic Auto Part is just the place to find them. Simply fill in your requirements, and we will help you acquire the best-suited high-quality used Accelerator Parts for any make or model.

More About Accelerator Parts

The Accelerator Parts of a car include the throttle, which is also known as the gas pedal or accelerator. The throttle is usually the right-most floor pedal and controls the amount of air and fuel that enters the engine. When the throttle pedal is pressed, more air is sucked in to rotate the crankshaft faster, which allows the car to accelerate. The throttle has a fail-safe design that returns it to the idle position when not depressed by the driver.

How do I adjust the accelerator pedal?

  • Adjust the height: Loosen the bolts on both sides of the pedal face, then adjust its height.
  • Adjust the pedal angle: Loosen the bottom, pull the pedal back, and adjust its starting angle.
  • Adjust the stop position: Loosen the bottom screw, adjust the stop, and move it up or down to make the pedal longer or shorter.
  • Adjust the throttle cable tension: Find the throttle cable, which connects the gas pedal to the throttle body. Look for the adjustment mechanism near the throttle body or gas pedal assembly. This usually involves a threaded rod or nut that can be turned to adjust the tension.
  • Recalibrate the accelerator pedal: With the ignition switch in the ON position, slowly and fully depress the accelerator pedal from idle to full throttle, then repeat three times.

You can also adjust the height of the accelerator pedal pad from the floor by carefully bending the pedal. However, if you do bend the pedal, make sure you can still achieve WOT (Wide Open Throttle).

Some vehicles may feature an adjustable pedal system that allows you to move the pedals closer to or further away from you. You can use the adjustable pedal control switch to move the pedals up or down, even with the ignition off.

Used Accelerator Parts

When searching for replacement OEM-used Accelerator Parts, we often settle for similar options instead of finding the perfect match. This can impact both the performance of the replaced part and the vehicle itself. Basic Auto Part helps you address the main challenges of finding used auto parts by providing high-quality parts, delivered within the expected timeframe, and at reasonable prices.

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