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Alfa Romeo is a luxury/sports car manufacturer which was founded in 1910 in Milan, Italy. Owned by the multinational Italian-American corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the company produced its first car named ‘Castagna Torpedo’ in 1910 which competed successfully in the Targa Florio – ‘the open road endurance automobile race’ in 1911. The company went through some rough patches after the First and the Second World War, but slowly rose to fame by consecutively winning two Formula One World Championships in 1950 and 1951 respectively. 

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Alfa Romeo today sets the standard for top of the line luxury and sports cars like Giulia Quadrifoglio, Stelvio and 8C Spider

Alfa Romeo replacement parts can be quite expensive at times due to high demand and mechanical sophistication. But at Basic Auto Part, you can easily find the best used Alfa Romeo parts at and affordable price range. Basic Auto Part has a huge catalogue of used Alfa Romeo car parts and an even better search engine platform which makes it easier for you to find your required parts. We make sure that we stock only genuine OEM quality-tested used parts, that are salvaged from the most trusted salvage yards across the United States. 

Used Alfa Romeo Milano Parts

Alfa Romeo 75 or else marketed in the United States and Canada as Alfa Romeo Milano is a 4-door compact executive car manufactured by Alfa Romeo between the years 1985 to 1992. Alfa Romeo Milano was a huge success and, in only 3 years of its production, the Alfa Romeo produced over 200,000 units. 

If you drive this Italian classic and need used replacement parts, then Basic Auto Part online website is the best place for you. You can get high quality used Alfa Romeo parts, that are quality-tested at the lowest prices at our website. We also provide a warranty period in case you are not satisfied.

Used Alfa Romeo GTV 6 Parts

The Alfa Romeo GTV 6 technically known as the Alfa Romeo Alfetta is a FR-type, 5 passenger-sedan, fastback coupé manufactured by the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo from 1972. With its V-6 engine and optimized front/rear weight distribution as well as a low centre of gravity, the GTV-6 was quite successful with 400,000 units produced over a period of 15 years. 

If you are looking for high quality used Alfa Romeo GTV-6 parts, then Basic Auto Part is better than anything out there. We at Basic Auto Part are committed to find you the best used parts for your GTV-6 whether its for your V6, Twin-Cam 14 or Turbo-diesel-14. At Basic Auto Part all the parts are tested for quality and performance. 

Used Alfa Romeo 4C Coupé Parts

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Alfa Romeo 4C is a mid-engine, 4 cylinder (as the name 4C suggests) sports car manufactured by Alfa Romeo, unveiled at the Geneva motor show in 2013. the 4C coupé has a monocoque carbon fibre chassis, with a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine giving it a 240 metric horsepower. Alfa Romeo 4C can go from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds !

Now if you are one of the 500 Alfa Romeo 4C owners in all of North America, finding replacement parts for your car can be quite a challenge given the limited no. of units commissioned for North America. Don’t worry, Basic Auto Part has got you covered. Our dedicated team has worked day and night to find you the highest quality used Alfa Romeo 4C parts, so you don’t have to. All the parts in our inventory are tested by the best automotive experts for quality and performance. On top of everything, we also provide a six month warranty on our parts. 

Used Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Parts

With not much difference between its sister the 4C coupé, the 4C spider also has a monocoque carbon fibre chassis, with a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine giving it a 240 metric horsepower. Except for the convertible aspect, the 4C spider comes with a soft retractable top unlike the 4C coupé which is a hardtop. Now, whether you own a 4C Spider or 4C coupé, you can find the best and the highest quality used Alfa Romeo parts on Basic Auto Part online website. The unique search engine design allows you to find your most comprehensive Parts required parts with just a few clicks. We at Basic Auto Part make sure that all the parts are genuine OEM used parts of highest quality, so that you don’t even feel the change in your driving experience, once the parts are replaced. 


Q. Are Alfa Romeo parts expensive?

A. Depends. If you are looking for classic Alfa Romeo like the Milano and GTV-6 parts, then you might not feel the heat of pockets running dry. But if you’re looking for used parts for a  4C Coupé or 4C Spider, then yes, it might be a little expensive given the high demand and limited models to salvage the parts from.

Q. What is the best place to find used Alfa Romeo parts from ?

A. The best place to buy used Alfa Romeo car parts is from Basic Auto Part online website. Whether you are looking for Classic Alfa Romeo Milano parts or top of the line Alfa Romeo 4C Coupé and Spider parts, Basic Auto Part helps you find the best used parts from all across the country. We pay special attention and make sure to stock only authentic OEM used parts of the highest quality at the most affordable possible prices. Basic Auto Part also makes sure that the parts you avail have a valid warranty so that they are not only reliable but also durable.

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