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Find quality used Acura parts online just in few clicks for any car make and model. Basic Auto Part is well connected with Acura salvage yards and Acura junkyards near you. Finding used Acura auto parts online is now easy and fast.

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Used Acura Honda Parts

Acura is one of the most luxurious marques launched by Honda in 1986. It was crafted by Honda with an aim to compete with various other luxury cars like Lexus from Toyota. The best feature about Acura is the luxury style range of cars yet it comes in a very affordable price range. Also, it has been receiving high ratings for safety and hence, it has become one of the best-selling marques in the United States of America due to which the demand for used Acura parts has been rapidly increasing.

At Basic Auto Part, we only work with Acura salvage yards and Acura  junkyards who conduct a step-by-step quality check process to make sure that the Used Acura Honda Parts are quality tested before shipping it to customers. We also pay full attention to the customer preferences regarding the Acura Used Parts available in our inventory so that we are able to provide the customers with exactly part they want. Apart from that, Basic Auto Part only offers OEM used Acura parts online. We have always kept OEM parts as our first priority. Here, you will not only get verified compatible Used Acura Car Parts but along with that, you will also get a warranty with your purchase.

Used Acura TL parts

Used Acura TL Parts

Acura TL is the medium size luxury car found in Honda’s Acura marque. It is also known to be the best-selling model of Acura. Amazing fact about Acura TL is it had achieved the position of second best-selling luxury sedan in the United States of America right after the BMW 3 Series. It was manufactured from 1996-2014, and it covers four different generations. Initially, in the Japanese market from 1996 to 2000, it was under the name logo of Honda Inspire. Later, it was rebadged as Honda Saber from 2000 to 2004.

Now, whether the model is from 2004 or beyond, you will easily find Used Acura TL Parts at Basic Auto Part which will make your Acura TL work like a newly purchased car. You can also be completely hassle-free as our used Acura TL parts are quality tested and will run properly for a long duration. Basic Auto Part connects you with a wide selection of used Acura TL parts in a very affordable price range.

Used Acura RL Parts

Used Acura RL Parts​

Acura the luxury car of Honda also has a full-size luxury car which is known as Acura RL where (RL stands for refined luxury). Acura RL is also considered to be the flagship of Honda’s Acura brand. It was initially crafted in the year 1996 and as of now, we have two different generations of Honda Acura RL. The first generation was manufactured from 1996 to 2004 whereas since 2005 the second-generation Acura RL cars came into the market. Also, this luxury car is a re-badged version of the Honda Legend, therefore, it is also known as Acura Legend. However, Acura Legend was initially a medium-sized luxury car that was manufactured till 1995 but later in 1996 it was replaced by Acura RL as it used the same FF layout.

The first generation of Acura RL was a bit utilitarian but the models released in the new generation are amazingly sporty and powerful. And if you are an Acura RL user, you must know that finding affordable Used Acura RL Parts is a tough job. Basic Auto Part plays its role. We are known for offering the quality used and durable Used Acura RL Parts for all the models of RL starting from 1996 Acura RL used parts to 2005 Acura RL used parts. We work as the one-stop solution for all your used parts of Acura RL.

Acura MDX Used Parts

Acura MDX Used Parts​

Acura MDX is a medium-sized crossover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) under the brand Acura by Honda. It was first manufactured in 2001 and till now it has been successfully running in the market. Here, MDX refers to Multi-Dimensional Luxury. There are two different generations of Acura MDX and all the latest models fall under the second generation which started in 2007. Also, Acura MDX is the first crossover SUV which comes with the feature of third-row seating. It also maintains a record as the best-selling three-row luxury crossover SUV of all time.

Now, if you are looking for high-quality and assured Acura MDX used parts and accessories then the best place for you is Basic Auto Part. At Basic Auto Parts, you can easily shop for used Acura MDX parts that are safe and durable. We offer our customers a wide variety of Acura MDX used parts to help them repair their vehicle within an affordable budget.

Acura TSX Used Parts

Acura TSX Used Parts​

In the year 2003, Acura by Honda introduced a new entry-level luxury car named Acura TSX. It is also the smallest vehicle manufactured by the Acura brand. Also, it was sold only in Canada and the United States of America. During the time of its initial release, Acura TSX became highly popular as it gave the drivers a taste of refinement and great performance. However, the makers discontinued its manufacture in 2014.

But, even now there are a lot of Acura TSX car owners and they keep searching for replacement used car parts for their TSX. And most of the customers already know that the perfect place to find all the required replacement used parts is BasicAutoPart.com. No matter whatever Acura model you own, you will definitely find the required used car parts at our site. Our catalog is always accessible and you can easily shop for Acura TSX used parts that are safe and quality tested.

Used Acura RSX Parts

Used Acura RSX Parts​
Acura RSX is another model of Acura by Honda that was released in 2002. It was known as Honda Integra DC5 in Japan whereas in Northern America it was named Acura RSX (Rally Sports Car Experimental). This sporty car featured a very-powerful VTEC K-series engine and very well-built Macpherson struts. But, the makers decided to discontinue Acura RSX in 2006 as it failed to attract the audience even after being extremely good-looking and coming from an impeccable marque. Now if you drive an Acura RSX, and you suddenly need to replace a part then Basic Auto Part is the one-stop solution for you. We have got fully stocked warehouses that will have the used Acura RSX parts you are looking for, whenever you need them. If in case, the part that you are looking for is not available, we will find the part and send it to you as soon as possible. Also, all the used Acura parts are tested before shipping, so you do not have to worry about any damage to your car. Basic Auto Part is the right place if you are planning to buy Used Acura parts online. Basic Auto part ensure that our customers get OEM used part online for the best price. Moreover, we only provide the quality tested Acura used parts. You can easily access the online Acura parts catalog on our site and then request a quote for the part from our site for free. Our main intention is to help you purchase the used Acura parts online that you require from the comfort of your home.


Where to find the high-performance used Acura Parts?

Basic Auto Parts would be the obvious answer to this question. This is because most aftermarket auto parts do not fit properly and there are also high chances that they might cause damage to your car. Besides that aftermarket auto parts are overpriced and do not come with a warranty whereas Basic Auto Part enables you to get the best and quality tested OEM used Acura auto parts online at an affordable price range.

Does Acura use Honda manufactured parts?

Yes, Acura uses Honda manufactured parts but the parts of Acura are a little bit expensive compared to normal Honda. Acura is a luxury marque of Honda, therefore, it is a little costlier to maintain.

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