Used Car Parts In Philadelphia

Used Car Parts In Philadelphia

If you are in or around Philadelphia and you are looking for high quality used auto parts for your car or truck, you are in luck, because we have put together the most trusted used car part suppliers across Philadelphia to save you time and effort searching for them.

  1. Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts in Philadelphia – One of largest yards in the Philly area. Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts have incredibly helpful staff which gives you an entirely different experience of visiting a junkyard. They says when you visit our lot, you will not have to lift a finger. Their used car parts in Philadelphia yard are well organized, which saves you time. They even help you pull a part and offer a guarantee of 30 days on all used mechanical car parts and used electrical car parts.
  2. Basic Auto Part in Philadelphia – Basic Auto Part offers high quality OEM used car parts online sourced from reliable local salvage yards and junkyards in Philadelphia that are best suited to the make and model of your car or truck. Most of the time the search for OEM used car parts online for older models is not only time consuming but costs you money. But with Basic Auto Part, we have streamlined the process completely so that you can easily find that used car part online just in few clicks this helps you to accomplish that long awaited restoration project or standard repair.
  3. C and C auto parts in Philadelphia – one of the oldest used car salvage yards in Philadelphia established in 1960, they have an staggering 600 salvage vehicles on site and 2600 used engines to choose from.
    They provide a 60 day warranty on ‘ALL PARTS’ which is more than impressive and they also offer house/garage delivery.
  4. Atlantic Auto parts in Philadelphia – Been in business for more than 50 years, this Philadelphia based auto salvage yard is one of the most trusted business around. They offer their extended services round the clock through their online store. They offer new and high quality used car parts, with an option of nationwide shipping.
  5. Orthodox Auto Company in Philadelphia has been providing customers outstanding service across Philadelphia for over 50 years. They now offer their extended services through their online website which can be accessed from across the country. Their 7-acre used car parts yard has millions of used car parts, and you should have no problem finding your desired missing part.

Here are some tips how to choose used auto parts in Philadelphia

One of the most important requirement you don’t want to forget while replacing your car parts is to try and get your hands on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) used parts instead of aftermarket parts for the following reasons:

  1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) parts are made by the vehicle’s manufacturers, and therefore it is easier to choose your part, since you don’t have to worry about evaluating the quality of various brands and prices.
  2. Assurance of Quality – The OEM used parts would work exactly as the one you are replacing, and you can expect familiarity and performance.
  3. Comes with a Warranty – Most OEM parts have a warranty, which is not always assured in aftermarket parts.
  4. Aftermarket parts decrease a vehicles book value as soon as they are installed.

Everything said and done, you still need to find a reliable source to insure your car to get the right fix and the assurance to get the parts replaced with quality OEM used car parts.

Most people have to go through many websites with endless lists to find genuine used auto parts that fit their needs. Many mechanics and facilities sell and install aftermarket parts of low quality which brings the customers back to the mechanic within a month or two.

Websites like guarantee genuine high quality OEM used auto parts in Philadelphia from licensed salvage yards and junkyards near you. Basic auto part has a unique search engine design which allows you to look for specific used car parts with ease. All that is needed is name of the part along with year, make and model and VIOLA! You have your hands on your desired quality used auto part in Philadelphia.